There is so much to be thankful for as the school year comes to a close.  In the spirit of all the lists always floating around the internet, here is a list of gratitude from PTO.


ty rainbow

1. Grateful for Collaboration & Support

This year could be called a “rebuilding year” for PTO and boy have we come back strong.  We added new events and celebrated annual favorites all with enthusiastic volunteers and amazing community participation.  School administration worked with us as we overcame our learning curve and teachers worked beside us to bring Fair Grove kids fun and educational opportunities.

Thanks to the many volunteers, committee chairs, and school personnel for working together to make this a great year!


teacher app


2. Grateful for Teachers

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and we can all point to one or more teachers who have made an impact in our lives and in the lives of our children.   Everyday teachers draw on their creativity, desire to inspire and patience (never forget patience!) to pass on a curiosity about the world and life skills necessary to bring out the best in their students.

Thanks to the teachers who give of themselves everyday!





3. Grateful for Community

Time and time again you hear Fair Grove residents brag about our community.  The small town feel and top notch school system make our town a sought out place to live.   From the carnival, to sporting events and singing programs, and so much more, our families come out to have a good time while supporting our school.  We know a school is the heart of a community.

Thanks to YOU!