cream pieOur 2014 Write a Check Fundraiser is underway and generating some serious excitement.  For the second year in a row PTO has elected to avoid those aggravating catalog sales by going directly to the community.  The Write a Check campaign allows 100% of the money raised to benefit students.

Two exciting updates were included this year.

If the MS reaches a fundraising goal of $2000, Mr. Stallings will allow the student who raised the most in the building to throw a pie at him.  Mrs. Hollan has also agreed to participate if the Elementary can raise $5000!   Don’t we have the best school administrators?  What good sports!


Along with the building principals, each teacher in the Elementary may also get her chance to eat some pie!  For each classroom who can raise $250, their teacher (or Mrs. Hollan, if the teacher declines to participate,)  will get her very own pie!

Come on Fair Grove lets see some PIE FLY.  The big event will take place at the Community Safety Night on October 16 from 6:30-8 pm in the Elementary.  Please have your tax deductible donations in by October 15 so winning students and teachers can be announced in advanced.

Don’t forget, grandparents, local businesses and family friends may also want to support our school, don’t be afraid to ask if they would help you raise money to “Pie the Principal!”

10/10/14  UPDATE: The Elementary is at about 40% of the goal and Mrs. McKeever’s class has already raised enough for her pie.  Mrs. Simpson’s class is close behind!

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