There is a lovely saying attributed to a Chinese Proverb that says:


While it certainly is a dark time of year that doesn’t mean it is a dull time of year.   No need to hibernate till Spring, this post is dedicated to the many ways to celebrate winter!


celebrate winter

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…This song may not be on the radio anymore now that the Christmas season is past, but what better way to celebrate winter than with some sledding and snowman building and for that you need SNOW!  Fair Grove happens to have some wonderful sledding slopes in their city parks if you can’t find that perfect hill at home.  sledding


While we are waiting for the white stuff to fall, visit our local library to check out some books detailing the beauty and science of snowflakes. snow book   snowbookYou might even be able to find a book or two that tell you how you can make your own out of paper to decorate the windows while we wait for a SNOW DAY!

Not ready to brave the winter wonderland just yet?  The library has a wonderful collection of movies and beautiful books to help you learn how native Arctic people and animals survive season after season of brutal conditions. inuitarctic book  Our helpful librarians are more than happy to help you locate these books and many more.   

If your kiddos are curious about how animals closer to home survive in winter, take a trip to the Nature Center to attend one of their programs in the month of January or February, including Eagle Days where you’ll have a chance to see some of the bald eagles that hunt in Missouri during this time of the year before returning to Canada. Find details at their website:

Inspired to attract some snow birds to your door?  snowbird  Our feathered friends can struggle to find food during the cold winter.  Kids can make their own bird treats using a source of protein or fat such as peanut butter or vegetable shortening and commercial bird seed.  Add dried fruit or nuts for a special surprise.  Make it a sensory play activity by pouring seed into a flat tin pan and spooning the shortening on top.  Have the kids mix together with their hands and form into balls for “seed bombs” they can throw in the yard or line along a deck rail.  Then sit back and watch the birdies enjoy their feast.


Winter does mean a lot of time spent indoors.  Shake up the cabin fever with a bathtub filled with polar bears, snow, ice burgs and penguins.  polorbath   Shaving cream acts as mountains of snow, a Toob of arctic animals,  Legos or Diego’s arctic rescue complete the scene.  In shallow bowls freeze water with a few drops of water coloring to make ice burgs. 175 Find many additional creative ways to turn your tub into an arctic playground on Pinterest.

After exploring the arctic you’ll want some hot tea or cocoa.   These adorable cookies are the perfect way to jazz up your favorite winter drink.  snowman cookie Find the recipe here:


winterNow you have seven lights in the darkness to help slow down and enjoy the season.  We’d love for you to share your pictures of celebrating with us on Facebook or additional ideas here with a comment on this post!