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August 2020

Attendance: Trilby Workman, Abby Morrison, Mary Whitehead, Sunshine Hubbard
Called to Order by President Trilby Workman
Secretary Report: presented, motioned & approved
Treasurer Report: presented, motioned & approved

Old Business

  • Membership – discussed how to avoid PayPal fees assigned to transactions. The consensus was to communicate to the customer that there will be a PayPal charge.

New Business

  • Note To Treasurer – we need to transfer PayPal balance from last school year (ending in July) to our account so we can start a new PayPal balance for 20-21 school year.
  • Back To School Breakfast – Aug 20 @ 7:45am  – breakfast will be divided between MS/HS and Ele. There are approximately 75 MS/HS staff and 70 Elementary staff. Due to COVID affecting our fundraising and our lower budget this year we are trying to keep the breakfast budget at $200 or less. Donuts, juice, coffee will be served.
  • Grandparents Day – cancelled due to COVID
  • Bank Shoot Out – Discussed how to increase relationships with the Middle School and create fund raising there. Marry suggested having a local bank sponsor a shoot out at a halftime ball came. We need to ask corresponding principals.
  • Paint a Ceiling Tile Fundraiser – PTO approved purchasing 70 ceiling tiles from Trilby @ $1 each. Tiles will be sold for $10 each for kids to take home and paint. Tiles will go on the cafeteria ceiling to replace stained/old tiles.

Committee Nominations

  • Apparel – Trilby Workman
  • Auditor – Christina Otterness
  • Carnival – Mary Whitehead
  • Communications – Kristy Kotschedoff
  • Donations – TBD
  • Fun Run – Sunshine Hubbard
  • Father/Daughter Dance – Lacy White
  • Fundraising – Holley Johnson
  • Holiday Shop – Trilby W, Mary W, Vicky
  • Membership – Sunshine Hubbard
  • Mother Son Event – Holley Johnson
  • Volunteers – Christina Otterness
  • Middle School Fundraising – TBD
  • Read A Thon – Julie Hampton
  • School Supplies – Sunshine Hubbard
  • Sustainability – Jennifer Harp
  • Hospitality – Kristy Kotschedoff
  • Hygiene Drive – Jennifer Harp

Next meeting September 8th

July 2020

Attendance: Trilby Workman, Abby Morrison, Terriann Hart, Sunshine Hubbard
Called to Order by President Trilby Workman
Secretary Report: from Executive Meeting and Board Reorganization Meeting Presented and Approved
Treasurer Report: presented, motioned & approved

Old Business

  • PO For Music Gift – acquire 20/21 school year
  • apparel order made
  • Springfield Cardinals night cancelled due to COVID – fundraiser cancelled
  • 2020/21 finalized gifts to teachers list passed out & discussed

New Business

  • Teacher Breakfast – assuming that PTO volunteers/food will be allowed once the district makes pandemic guidelines, PTO will host breakfast one morning for the teachers during their work week August 18-21. Charity will give us a date to host. Brittany C & Kristy K will co-chair. Approx. 150 staff between MS & Ele.
  • Membership – Sunshine H will set up PTO membership with an electronic component for members to use when signing up and paying dues.
  • Back to School Night – needing 2 more volunteers for tables & 2 more PTO board member to stand at apparel tables. There must be a board member at each apparel table to swipe card payments. Shirts are 5-6pm & 6-7pm.
  • Fall Festival – according to 2 FG community members the city is still planning to have the Festival. PTO will have its usual apparel table. Shifts are 2 hours each from Saturday at 8am – 6pm & Sunday 8am – 4pm. Lacey W will supply the tables. Sunshine H will close down the last shift on Sun & pack up boxes. Holley suggested setting up prior to 7:45am on Sat which will be done by Trilby W.
  • Masks & Water bottles – Masks were tabled until we know more about the school pandemic rules regarding masks. It was agreed that the quote from English Promotions was on the high end at $5.77/ 3-ply mask. New water bottles are needed for merch sales. Kristy K will head that up.
  • New A-Frame Marquee Sign – approved. We did not designate a purchaser for the sign.

July 2018

Fair Grove PTO General Meeting
July 10, 2018
Called to Order by President Holley Johnson
Secretary Report from Executive Meeting and Board Reorganization Meeting Presented and Approved
Treasurer Report Presented and Approved

Old Business:
Gifts to School were announced
2018-2019 Committee Chairs were announced
Donation Solicitations chair position was filled by Brittany Counterman

New Business:
Lego Club will meet for the first time in September and monthly after that.  We are seeking donations of Legos and have begun purchasing some used ones.
Apparel committee is busy coming up with designs and bids.  We will sell at meet the teacher night and football games in the fall.
Outdoor Movie Event was presented and discussed

Volunteers are needed for:
Teacher Welcome Back–Leann, Becca & Teriann will do the meal; Sunshine, Michelle and Holley will do membership drive
Open House on 8/14  Mary, Abby, Sarah N and Becca will do photo props; Jennifer H, Holley, Sarah N and Becca will do apparel sales.  8/13 is MS welcome back Lacie and Brittany will do apparel sales that night
Picture Day is 8/24  Becca and Leann
Grandparents Day is 9/14 Becca and Sarah N ( we will need many more)

Committee Reports:
Back to School Bash is cancelled but PTO will still collect and distribute supplies to anyone who requests them through their building office
Membership Drive: Dues will be $5 and drive will continue through September 5.  Flyers will be included in registration packets, be available at meet the teacher night and teacher welcome back
Fundraising:  Lacie will plan a Scoopie night in late August

Next meeting Aug 6 due to back to school activities

August 2018

Fair Grove PTO Monthly Business Meeting
August 6, 2018
Call to Order By Holley Johnson
Secretary Report from July Read and Approved
Treasurer Report Presented
Terriann made a motion to allow online viewing of accounts.  Motion passed.

Old Business:
LEGO Club will meet once per month beginning in September.  Still searching for donations . Volunteers need background checks
Outdoor Movie Event  There is a $275 License fee to show “The Sandlot”  Discussed looking into fee for more recent movie, what concessions could we sell and is there  an indoor/rain location.

New Business:
Grandparents Day:  Shannon Hill and Becka Cline will do pictures.  Lacie Barrett and Sarah Nystrom will sell apparel.  Jennifer H will recruit volunteers. Looking for 1 per classroom.
Fall Festival:  Ms. Counterman is looking into the booth.  Michelle motioned to pay the $75 fee to get the old space back.  The booth is at the top of the hill, this is a change from past years.  We will need change and access to the card reader for apparel sales

Committee Reports:
Membership:  We will have forms available at Meet the Teacher in the elementary and 5th grade and Staff Back to School.  Forms will go home the 2nd week of school.
Apparel:  Two new designs for fall.  Selling adults for $10 and kids for $8.  Hoodies for Fall Festival with a $20 price point.  Need to recruit volunteers for Fall Festival.
Fundraising:   Culvers Night August 28th
Donations:  Brittany is looking for grants
Other:  Holiday Shop Update, they are over budget by $27

Next meeting September 11 @ 6:30

September 2018

Called to order by President Holley Johnson.  All board members present.
Secretary Report from August was approved
Treasurer Report presented and approved.

Old Business:
Lego Club will start on 9/13.  Discussed a fundraiser on Talk Like a Pirate Day 9/19.  Staff and students can bring $1 and dress or talk like a pirate that day.  Proceeds will purchase Legos.
Outdoor Movie Night:  Tabled until spring
Grandparents’ Day: 9/14  Leann Pyatt and Becka Cline are coordinating volunteers.  Still need 3 volunteers in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, with one for apparel.
Fall Festival:  September 29-30.  Holley and Jennifer attended Historical Society meeting.  We cannot have our usual booth but will have space just behind where we usually are.  If we get our registration in by November 1 we will get our old booth space back for next year.  Will have new apparel. Hoodies will be $25, sweatshirts $20 and $15 long sleeves.

New Business:
Undie 500 Hygiene Drive:  Jennifer Harp suggested doing a hygiene drive to benefit the District nurses and the Heart 2 Heart Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets.  The drive will take place at morning drop off and gather cleaning and hygiene supplies. Board, members and administration approved.
Parent Teacher Conference Meal:  Leann Pyatt will send out a sign up genius request to plan meals for HS/MS and Elementary.  Conferences are October 23 and 25.
Culver’s Night:  The August event raised $275 and 9 recess kick balls.  Next event requested for December 4 to coincide with a Singing Eagles performance.  

Committee Reports:
Membership:  Membership Drive closed and was successful with over 150 new and returning members.  Mrs. Graves 2nd grade class won the ice cream and extra recess party.
Hospitality:  The committee served breakfast to returning teachers the week school was back in session.  The event was well received and appreciated. Teachers new to the district were given gift cards to help with their classrooms and welcome them.  Next event will be for Parent Teacher Conferences.
Apparel:  New merchandise will be in Thursday and ready for Grandparents Day.  Sarah isn’t sure we will have enough to sell at GD, Festival and a home football game.  The committee spent the remaining budget on merchandise for GD. If we are to order more for future events will need a vote approving raising the budget or using a revolving budget.  Agreed to see how the upcoming events go and revisit in October.
Fundraising:  Lacie Barett has stepped down as chair.  Trilby Workman is willing to take over. Members agreed to do the Write a Check fundraiser again.  Teachers requested it not run during conferences week. Anna Ray will talk with Mr. Green to see if he will be willing to be “pied” as an incentive.  Dr. Hollan agreed to a pie event in the elementary. Trilby will work with staff to set fun rewards as the buildings meet certain fundraising goals. Trilby suggested future fundraisers such as “muffins with mom.”  The school does a “donuts with dad” to benefit the food service department.
Donation Soliciting:  Brittany is working on a form letter to send to seven companies.  

Meeting Adjourned
Next Meeting October 9, 2018

Holiday Shop Committee Meeting

September 11, 2018
Holley Johnson, Julie Hampton, Jennifer Harp, Terriann Hart, Sarah Nystrom, Yvonne Teriet present.
Holiday Shop is set to run December 3-7.

The committee requested an increase in budget to complete shopping.  Men’s gifts are especially needed. The district enrollment has increased and the 5th grade will be shopping from the MS again this year.
Jennifer made a motion to increase the budget by $200. This brings their budget, not including the additional $700 fundraised by the committee, to half of their profits from the previous year.
Julie approved the motion and Terriann seconded.  Passed unanimously.
Meeting adjourned.  

October 2018

October 9, 2018
Fair Grove PTO Monthly Business Meeting
Meeting called to order by Holley Johnson.  Holley Johnson, Julie Hampton, Michelle Graves, Jennifer Harp, Terriann Hart present.
Secretary Report from September reviewed and approved
Treasurer Report from September reviewed and approved

Old Business:
Fall Festival:  Sales went very well this year.  Motion made and carried to request same location and make donation or volunteer hours to the historical society for booth space.
Undie 500:  Will take place November 6th.  Need volunteers from 7:15-8:15 to collect donations.  Jennifer Harp will contact Mrs. Minor in the MS to ask if Character Council will volunteer as well.
Culvers Night:  December 4th 5pm to 8 pm.  Will need a volunteer to collect Scoopie Tokens
Write a Check:  Going very well.  We have reached ⅓ of our goal.  Will continue through 10/19. PE Coach assistant for the day is a sought after prize!

New Business:
Popcorn Machine:  The school is in need of a new popcorn machine. It is used often for reward parties, family  nights and carnival. Motion made and carried to spend up to $500 to buy a commercial grade machine.
Field Trip T Shirt  Volunteer: A coordinator is needed to collect and sort washed t shirts and send out to classrooms for field trips.  The MS Life Skills class washes the shirts. Holley Johnson, Vicky Broyles and Terriann Hart Volunteered.
Dr. Hollan TItle I Information meeting:  Dr. Hollan delivered the required parent information meeting regarding Title I participation.  

Committee Reports:
Fundraising:  Trilby is working on Candy Grams for the week of December 12-18 and Valentines Candy February 8-13.  She needs our charity status on letterhead to seek donations for prizes.
Apparel:  Sales going strong.  Sarah Nystrom stepped down as chair.  Holley Johnson, Mary Whitehead and Becca Cline are co chairing now.  Approved buying decals to sell as upcoming football games. Need volunteers to sell apparel and homecoming this Friday.
Holiday Shop:  Holiday shop scheduled December 3-7.  Trilby Workman and Vicky Broyles volunteered to chair next year.
Donation Soliciting:  Brittany Counterman still needs charity information on letterhead.  

Meeting Adjourned.