FairGrove PTO

Standard Operating Procedures & Guidelines

August 2010


Fair Grove visitor Sign-in/Sign-out Procedure reminder:

  • Please remember to sign the visitor register when entering Fair Grove Schools for any PTO business during school hours.
  • Please be sure to wear the “visitor” lanyard/sticker that the office gives you…. Just because you are a PTO officer, chair, or member does not exempt you from this Fair Grove policy.
  • Be sure you have permission to go to the area you need to be in before leaving the office.
  • Remember that you are not permitted to visit classrooms without prior authorization.
  • Be sure to sign out in the office when you are ready to leave the building.



  •  In an effort to respect each child’s, and each family’s privacy, please do not discuss PTO issues, problems, or concerns in public areas ( i.e. the lobby, the front office, etc.)
  • Remember that PTO exists to promote the welfare of children and youth and to enhance their educational experience by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers—- Let’s not lose sight of our purpose!

PTO Communications:

  • All email or letter communications between PTO and students, parents, or teachers must 1st be authorized by the school principal and PTO president (or vice-president in the event of the president’s absence).
  • Please keep the president informed on all matters and decisions.



  • All PTO meetings during the school year will occur in the elementary cafeteria on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm unless otherwise notified…. We will keep the PTO website up to date if you want to check there.
  • We ask that all PTO Officers and Chair holders make it a priority to be at all meetings…..more attended than not….. That way they can stay and keep everybody up to date on all issues.
  • To save on time, we ask everybody to stay focused on the issues at hand and to save other concerns and conversations until we get to the “Other” category at the end of the agenda.
  • Let’s choose to conduct PTO business appropriately; with a sense of respect and professionalism, and in an appropriate setting (i.e. at PTO meetings, private meetings behind closed doors, etc.).
  • All meetings will be conducted, as closely as possible, with the “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

PTO Fundraising, Purchasing & Selling Procedures:

  • All proposed merchandise will be brought before the executive board and/or member’s at a meeting to be voted on.
  • All merchandise bought with PTO money must be voted on (unless in the budget from the previous year’s money) before being purchased.
  • When needing a check you must present an invoice (when possible) and give the treasurer at least a  24 hour notice as the checks have to have 2 signatures.  We can not guarantee that we can get you a check with less than a 24 hour notice.
  • The treasurer must always receive a PAID receipt on all merchandise bought on PTO’s behalf.
  • There must always be at least 2 workers/volunteers at all PTO tables selling merchandise or memberships.
  • All sales must be recorded and initialed in the sale’s binder by the seller/volunteer.  All sales records should include date, quantity, and payment (if by check please include the check #), along with the seller’s initials.
  • All merchandise that is paid for by check must be made to Fair Grove PTO.
  • All money must be counted by 2 people and 1 of them must be the treasurer or co-treasurer.
  • For all pre-paid merchandise sales the money must go to the treasurer to be deposited and then a check will be written to cover the order/invoice amount.  In the event that the treasurer is absent then give to either the president, vice-president, 2nd vice-president, secretary, or membership chair.
  • After all sales at an event the treasurer should also be given (along with the money) a PTO Event Sales Summary and Balancing Sheet.


Conflicts & Disagreements:

  • In the event of a disagreement among members, we expect it to be resolved in a timely manner and handled maturely and respectfully by either going to the specific person or in a closed meeting with the president or vice-president.


PTO is a team based organization that would not be able to function
without the help of each and every member!

Thank you for all you do!!