student-taking-a-test-clipart-children-examOur Elementary students are starting their MAP testing Tuesday 4/26/16. Your student can be as prepared as possible with a few simple steps on your part.

Make sure they go to be early. If they have a regular bedtime, stick to it! If not 8-10 hours of sleep is recommended for growing kids and minds. make sure their super was light so they’ll be sure to sleep well. (Fish is the choice of champions)

worm_in_appleThe Early Bird Get the Worm! So, set those alarms. Eat a light but hearty breakfast, skip the sugar. (Brains love bananas!)

Dark chocolate is a great snack for the mind. So, send in healthy light snacks, be sure your student stays hydrated and remind them to…

stay calm and take it one question at a time.